Share Library Resources with Permalinks and QR Codes

Librarians and teachers can use permalinks and QR (Quick Response) codes to share a specific Title Details page.

For example, put a permalink on your library webpage to give students one-click access to a new book. Or, insert a QR code into a flyer, and post it in the school lobby. Students can scan the code with their mobile device to go directly to that item's Title Details.

Note: Permalinks and QR codes are available in the Standard version of the user interface and can be enabled in the Simplified version.

To access and copy a permalink or QR code to a resource:

  1. From a title's details page, click the Share drop-down.
    Title details with Share drop-down highlighted

    Note: If you use the Simplified version of the user interface, click the Share tab.
    Simplified version Title Details with Share tab highlighted.

  2. Use the following table to choose what you want to do:
    If you want to...Then...

    Share a permalink to a Title Details page

    1. To copy the permalink text, click Copy.
    2. Paste the permalink to the document or webpage.

    Download a QR code

    1. To save a file with the QR code image, click Download.
    2. Insert the file into a document.

    Note: Permalinks and QR codes are not available for One Search™, WebPath Express™ and Digital Resource Link resources.