Cite Sources

Destiny Discover integrates with EasyBib, an online citation tool that lets you generate citations.

Supported formats: MLA8 (default), APA, Chicago standard

Notes to librarians: 

  • If EasyBib is configured in Destiny, you can export citations from Destiny to the EasyBib website for customizing.
  • The citation feature is only available in the Standard version of the user interface.

To create a single citation:

  1. From the Title Details page, click the Citations drop-down.
  2. Select the citation style you want: MLA8 (default), APA or Chicago. The citation updates accordingly.
    Title details with "Cite this title" link and citation styles highlighted
  3. Do one of the following:
    If you want to...Then...

    Copy the citation to paste into another application

    1. Click Copy
    2. Find the application you want to copy your citation in, and then paste the text you copied.

    Send the citation to EasyBib's website (if available at your school)

    Click Export to EasyBib.

To create a citation list:

You must have multiple Favorites selected to create a citation list.

  1. In the Destiny Discover header, select Main menu icon > Favorites.
  2. Click the Cite these titles drop-down.
    Favorites page with "Cite these titles" drop-down highlighted
  3. Select the format you want. The citations update accordingly.
    Citation list with citation style options highlighted
  4. Follow step 3 in the 'To create a single citation' section above.