View Title Information

If you find a title you want to learn more about, you can access information from its Title Details page, such as author, call number, description, reading level and related titles.


  • A Title Details page is available for print and digital titles, as well as Open Educational Resources. It is not available for database resources (WebPath Express and One Search).
  • The information available varies by title.

To access a resource's Title Details page, do one of the following, depending on the version of Destiny Discover you use:

  • Standard (blue-themed design): From the search results or homepage ribbon, click the cover image or title link.
  • Simplified (varied themes including aquarium, space, kids outside and bookfair): Click the cover image to see some of the title's details, and then click More Details to see additional information.

From a title's details page, you can access the following options:

Note to librarians: For a title to be visible on the You May Also Like/Related Stuff ribbon:

  • Its heading tags must match on author, subject or series.
  • It must have been checked out within the past year by someone in the district (excluding renewals and in-library checkouts).
  • It must be at the local site.
  • The patron's logged-in role must not have a zero loan policy.

  • Explore: Find other resources with the same subject, author, curriculum tag or series (only available in Standard version of user interface).
  • Copies: View the copies owned by your school or district, and their status, call number, barcode and location (only available in Standard version of user interface).

    Note: You must have the appropriate permission to see copies owned by other schools in the district.

  • Awards (if applicable): See a list of awards the title has received.