Add a Review

You can add a review to a print or digital resource. Review features vary based on the display version set up by your school:

  • Standard (blue-themed design): Add a star rating, text and a link.
  • Simplified (varied themes including: aquarium, space, kids outside or bookfair): Add an emoji rating.

Note: To access review features, you must be logged in and have the appropriate settings.

To add a review (Standard version):

  1. From the Title Details page of the title you want to review, click Reviews.

    Note: Clicking the Add Review link that appears in the top part of the page brings you to the same place.

    Title Details page with Add Review link and tab highlighted

  2. Select the desired number of stars for rating (One to five, with five being the highest).
  3. Use the following table to fill in the fields:


    Enter your review (optional)

    Type your comments (up to 2,000 characters).

    URL for Digital Review (optional)

    Paste or type the URL. This can be a link to any web resource to support your review.

    Title for Digital Review (required if you complete the "URL for Digital Review" field)

    Type the link text you want to appear in the review, such as Ava's Book Review.

  4. Click Submit Review.

    Note: Patrons can add one review per title. Only users with the role of Administrator can add multiple reviews to a title.

    Depending on how reviews are set up, your review might appear in Destiny Discover automatically, or it might need to be approved by your librarian.

    Reviews tab with star and text reviews

To add a rating (Simplified version):

  1. From search results or a homepage ribbon, click the title you want to rate. The cover image flips.
  2. Click Rate It!.
    Flipped cover in search results with Rate It! highlighted
  3. Select the desired emoji rating.
    Emoji rating scale for a title

Note: The option to add a review is not available for resources on the Databases, Collections or Open Educational Resources search results tabs.