Use the Destiny Discover App (Android)

Once you download and log in to the Destiny Discover app, you can start searching and reading.

Note: If you use an iOS device, see Use the App (iOS).

To get around in the app, tap any of the following from the bottom of the screen: 

Destiny Discover app with navigation options highlighted.

Browse for eBooks and audiobooks

To browse your library's entire eBook and audiobook collection:

  1. From the bottom of any screen, tap Library.
  2. Scroll through the eBooks or Audiobooks carousel to see up to 10 titles, or tap See All to view all eBooks or audiobooks.

Search for resources

  1. Tap Search at the bottom of any screen, or tap in the Search bar at the top of any screen.
  2. Type a search term.
  3. To choose the type of resources to find (All materials, eBooks, Audiobooks or Print books), tap filter icon..

View search results

From search results, you can see the availability of most titles. Follett eBooks, Follett Audiobooks, Lightbox and print titles show as IN, OUT or Unlimited copies indicator. (unlimited copies).

Note: Other types of eBooks and audiobooks do not show availability and can only be opened from the browser version of Destiny Discover.

To view a title's details, tap its cover, and then tap Title Details.

Identify Material Type

Identify a resource's material type at-a-glance with the material type indicators that appear on cover images:

Material Type


Follett eBook

Follett eBook icon.


eBook icon.

Follett Audiobook

Follett Audiobook icon.


Audiobook icon.


Lightbox icon.

Interactive multimedia

Interactive multimedia icon.

Book (print)

Book icon.

Check out, access and return eBooks and audiobooks

Once you find an available eBook or audiobook, you can start reading by tapping Read or Play in the search results or the title's details. However, to ensure you can access the title later, check it out.

To check out an eBook or audiobook:

Tap Checkout from the search results or the title's details. It automatically downloads to the device you are using.

To access an eBook or audiobook on the same device you checked it out on:

Tap Downloads at the bottom of the screen, and then tap Read or Play.

Note: If you have an internet connection, you can also access checked-out eBooks from the Library screen.

To access a checked-out eBook or audiobook on another device:

Many titles can only be downloaded on one device at a time, so you might need to remove it from one device before you can access it on another.

To remove a downloaded title, tap Downloads at the bottom of the screen, and then tap Remove.

To access the title on the other device, go to the Downloads screen, and then tap Download now.