Manage Follett Digital resources

Most Follett Digital functionality is configured in Discover Admin. This is where you manage settings for Follett eBooks, Follett Audiobooks, Lightbox™ titles, and other Follett Digital resources.

To access Discover Admin, go to the Destiny Discover header, and then select More > Admin.

Note: Access to Discover Admin requires the Destiny permission, Allow Follett Digital setup.

Access the following functions:

If you have assigned-user access Follett eBooks:

  • Manage eBook assignment settings
    By default, users with access to Discover Admin can distribute assigned-user access Follett eBooks. You can give teachers and other staff access to the eBook Assignments page of Discover Admin, so they can share eBooks, as well.


If you are a district eBook customer (ordered district Follett eBooks with a district ship-to customer number in Titlewave), access the following district-level functions: